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If you’ve recently suffered a car accident or other personal injury, you’ll want to seek the advice of an injury lawyer. However, making sure you are hiring the best lawyer for your needs is not always easy. Make sure you know when you may have chosen the wrong attorney to handle your case by reading over this article.


A law firm may state that they handle a wide variety of personal injury cases, but that does not necessarily mean they specialize in these practice areas. Find out if the attorney that will be working with you has experience in providing legal representation for your type of case, whether that is a car accident, slip and fall, or workplace injury. In the event your lawyer has not handled many of these types of cases in the past, it may be time to consider switching firms.


Another sign that it’s time to choose a different lawyer is poor communication. For example, a good lawyer should keep you informed on the details of your case, return phone calls or emails, and notify you of the best time that they can be reached. It is also important that your lawyer communicates whether or not any other individuals will be working on your case, such as other attorneys or paralegals within the firm.


Some lawyers may have a different end result in mind when it comes to the final settlement. For this reason, you may want to consult with a different lawyer if you do not like how your current representative is approaching your case.

Don’t let your current lawyer’s inexperience or poor communication habits interfere with the outcome of your case. Contact D'Agostino & Associates in Staten Island at (888) 860-5787 for more information on switching to one of our personal injury lawyers.

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Our client is a tenant who alleged that a rubber runner was not properly secured. He fell down the interior steps & fractured his femur.  He chose to accept a 400K offer rather than proceed to trial.  The accident took place in Staten Island.

Our Client was struck in the rear by an SUV and pushed into a vehicle in front of him. He sustained serious back & neck injuries & required surgery. We went to a mediation before trial and our client accepted a final offer of 1.5 million dollars as a settlement. 

A construction worker blamed defected scaffolding for a fall that lead to serious injuries. We started a lawsuit on his behalf and he agreed to accept a settlement of 2.5 million dollars prior to trial. 

Our client was struck in the rear and suffered a back injury that required surgery. He accepted $100,000 from the defendant's insurance company & then we obtained an additional $275,000 from his own underinsured motorist claim before arbitration. 

A fractured Ankle from slipping on ice in a parking lot lead to a lawsuit that we settled before trial for $130,000. 

CLIENT was standing on the sidwewalk when an accident ensued, causing one vehicle to jump the curb & strike her. She sustained serious bodily injuries which caused her death several day later. A jury was selected at trial and opening arguments ready to begin, when the family decided to accept the defendants' offers totalling $725,000 to settle the matter. If you need a FREE CONSULTATION for a wrongful death matter, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS & call us today at 888-24-LAW-24.

CLIENT was a guest at someone's home when their unleashed pit bull attacked her. She sustained multiple lacerations requiring sutures. The case was settled after litigation and before trial. If you or a family member need a FREE CONSULTATION regarding a dog bite or dog attack matter, give us a call at 888-24-LAW-24 & KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

CLIENT, 13 years old, exited a NYCTA bus & was struck by a car as he was crossing the street.  He sustained a fractured femur that did not require any surgery. This settlement is subject to Court approval. If your child has been injured as a result of negligence, KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and call for your FREE CONSULTATION 888-24-LAW-24.

CLIENT was injured when he was loading steel beams on a construction site when he was knocked to the ground and sustained serious injuries. Among his many injuries were tears to his knee which required arthroscopic surgery. His case was settled at a non binding mediation prior to trial for the total sum of $750,000.00.


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